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A round fabric pad that is going to remove your makeup easier, faster and in a more eco-friendly way since it is reusable, so you won’t need to purchase and use daily single-use cotton pads. Now you can remove your foundation, waterproof mascara, eyeliner and lipstick only using WATER!

Water, hot or cold, allows the  pad’s fabric fibers (1 fiber = 100 times thinner than human hair) to go deep into your skin pores and absorb any traces of makeup, dirt & sebum – all of this without having to rub on your skin or exfoliate it.

CAUTION: Do not use fabric softener when washing Makeup Remover, as it will create a thin coating on the fabric, thus reducing the effectiveness of the fibers.

TIP: Do not forget, after removing your makeup with the Makeup Remover pad, move on with your beauty routine, using your cleansing lotion, toner, serum etc

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  • Wet the Makeup Remover with water (hot or cold). Move it gently across your face and remove your makeup.
  • For heavier eye makeup, wet your Makeup Remover pad again and press it gently on your eyelids & lashes for 5-10 seconds longer.
  • Rinse the Makeup Remover immediately afterwards with soap and warm water.

You may be surprised at how much makeup comes out in your Makeup Remover! This is because the fibers hold it in place and ensure that nothing goes back to your face.


You can put your makeup remover pad in the washing machine along with light-colored or white fabrics and it lasts up to 200 washing cycles.

  • Eco-friendly, reusable, compatible with all skin types, ideal for sensitive skin
  • Imported
  • Free shipping in Greece on orders over €50

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